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Installation d marrage du GPS Sygic sur autoradios Android

Il est dans la catégorie Auto, moto pièces, accessoires\Auto\ pièces détachées\Autres. Android 8.1 autoradio tactile gps dvd bluetooth obd2 tnt for eos passat golf 5 6 input aux video in one front-view camera video in one rear-view camera video in one external microphone in one aux audio in r/l tpms box in one dtv box in one dab+ box in one car dvr in one output video out two audio out fr/fl/rr/rl surround stereo out 445w subwoofer out one accessories 1user's manual in english 1rca av input cable 1rca front & rear view camera input cable 1rca av output cable 1power cable with quadlock harness 1special canbus decoder box 1usb and microphone connecting cable 1radio antenna adapter 1gps antenna 1remote controller (battery excluded).